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Termite Treatment

Termites are recognized as one of the most damaging pests due to their ability to silently cause a severe amount of damage. Proper termite pre-treatment, treatment, and prevention on both new construction and existing properties (Commercial and Residential) can preserve your home or business and save you thousands in damages.  Geek Pest & Germ Control offers expert termite services to safeguard your business or home against these detrimental pests.


How our Termite Treatment Service Works

We offer proven termite control strategies that rid your property of termites and protect it from future infestations. We’ll keep your home or business safe from unexpected and potentially costly treatments and repairs.

Inspection:  First, our team will visit your location and complete a thorough termite inspection of the exterior of your house or building. If we suspect termite activity in the structure, we may also want to inspect the interior. Our termite Inspection includes an evaluation of everything on your property conducive to termite infestations, including soil around the exterior of your home or building, all wood materials making up the structure, roof, and areas around plumbing lines.

Plan of Action 

After an initial termite inspection, we analyze your unique situation to create a customized termite treatment plan. If you have an active termite infestation, we’ll treat the areas of activity to eradicate the termite activity.

Our knowledgeable service technicians will go over the plan of action with you in detail and explain the termite treatment service and warranty included with your termite service.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Pre-construction Termite Treatment is also referred to as a “Pre-Treat.” Most new structures in the United States are treated against termites during the initial construction process. The common treatment consists of termiticides being applied to the soil before the slab and footings are poured. This is done as a means to blocking subterranean termites from entering the structure.


The cost of a Pre-Construction preventative treatment is minimal in comparison to the monetary damages termites can cause to a home after it is built. Every full termite Pre-Construction treatment warranty that Geek Pest & Germ Control performs can be passed on - if the property is sold to a new owner.


Give us a call to discuss which termite treatment plan will work for your home or business!

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